“ Mantra- Robust Diets and Tasty Bites. ”

With a range of signature, to-die-for recipes that are both healthy and tempting at the same time, Food Granth is a brand that primarily includes fresh diets, like- Keto Diet, Low Carbohydrate diet, Protein Diet, Lean Diet, Kids Diet, Healthy Diet and day to day diets. Health buffs can pick from the various options available at this healthy gastronome food station with its initial presence in Kolkata and gradually will spread pan India. Keeping in mind the health factor, we offer naturally extracted sweetener desserts, without sugar or using any chemical artificial sweeteners and low-fat foods making eating n healthy appetising affair.
Food Granth (FG) is stellar farm fresh health food outlet that has an exciting menu other than the usual fruit-and-muesli breakfast options. With the help of the expertise dieticians, we assist you with keto diet chart, Low carb diet chart, protein diet Chart, kids Diet Chart depending on your body need. Changing the perception of healthy food being boring and bland, Food Granth lays emphasis on processes like steaming, roasting, baking, stir frying and grilling, making them a super tasty affair. From wholesome breakfast options such as dosa and poha to delicious juice combos, different continental meals, you'll find it all here.
The farm fresh food will be provided with the nutritional values on them. FG is also coming up with online order facility through their personal app, and the nutritional values and macros count will be mentioned in every individual dishes. Every person should be aware and motivated to live healthy and safe. No individual should be ignorant of what his/her needs for health and development. We will provide health information, skills and services to everyone. We nurture and grow farm fresh ingredients for the healthy foods we serve to our customers. No pesticides or any harmful adulterated process are used. We have our own land for farming and we use fresh veggies and herbs direct from the farm. Our diary products are free of harmful chemicals and hormones led to creation of pure milk which will help you to stay healthier.

“We don’t ask how to make lots of milk. We only ask this: how do we make milk better for the those who shall consume it.”
said by Ms. Jaya Misra, Brand Head & CEO.